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A  |  Agent Details

Which Woodards office is managing the property you are applying for?

B  |  Property Details

1. What is the address of the property? 2. Lease commencement date? 3. Lease term? 4. How many tenants will occupy the property? 4a. Name/s of other tenants occupying the property 5. Do you have any pets? 6. Rental Amount

C  |  Personal Details

7. Please give us your details             8. Please provide your contact details     9. What is the address of your current property?

D  |  Application History

10. How long have you lived at your current address? 11. Why are you leaving this address? 12. Landlord/Agent details of this property (if applicable)   13. What was your previous residential address? 14. How long did you live at your previous address? 15. Why did you leave your previous address 16. Landlord/Agent details of this property (if applicable)    

D  |  Application History

17. Please provide your employment details           Length of employment 18. Please provide your previous employment details    

F  |  Student Details


G  |  Contact / Next of Kin

19. Please provide a contact in case of emergency (parent / Next of Kin)  

H  |  References

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How did you find out about this property

Please provide us with 100 points of identification

Driver's Licence50 Passport50 Proof of Age Card50 Student ID card50 Copy of Mobile Phone Account20 Copy of Medicare Card20 Concession / Pension Card10 Copy of Gas / Water / Electricity account30 each

Utility Connections

This is a free service that connects all your utilities. Once we have received this application we will call you to confirm your details

Direct Connect will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within 24 hours of the nearest working day on receipt of this application to confirm your information and explain the details of the services offered. Direct Connect is a one stop connection service. Direct Connect's services are free. However, the relevant service providers may charge you a standard connection fee as well as ongoing service charges. Direct Connect can help arrange for the connection or provision of the following utilities and other services:

Please tick utilities required:

DECLARATION AND EXECUTION: By submitting this application, you:

  1. Acknowledge and accept Direct Connect's Terms and Conditions (which are included with this application).
  2. Invite Direct Connect to contact you by any means (including by telephone or SMS even if the Customer's telephone number is on the Do Not Call Register) in order to provide Direct Connect's services to you, to enter into negotiations with you relating to the supply of relevant services as an agent for the service providers, and to market or promote any of the services listed above. This consent will continue for a period of 1 year from the date the Customer enters into the Agreement
  3. Consent to Direct Connect using the information provided by you in this application to arrange for the nominated services, including by providing that information to service providers for this purpose. Where service providers are engaged by you, they may use this information to connect, supply and charge you for their services.
  4. Authorise Direct Connect to obtain the National Metering Identifier and / or the Meter Installation Reference Number for the premises you are moving to.
  5. Agree that, except to the extent provided in the Terms and Conditions, Direct Connect has no responsibility to you for the connection or supply (or the failure to connect or supply) any of the services.
  6. Acknowledge that Direct Connect may receive a fee from service providers, part of which may be paid to the real estate agent or to another person, and that you are not entitled to any part of any such fee.

Woodards Real Estate 277 Camberwell Road Camberwell, 3124 VIC 3141 T 03 9805 1111 | F 03 9805 1199 | E [email protected]

Tenancy Disclosure Statement

The information on this form is being collected by Woodards. By submitting this application you consent to the collection and use of this personal information by Woodards. We require this information about you to assess the risk in providing you with the lease/tenancy of the premises you have applied for and if the risk is considered acceptable.

To carry out this role any or all of the information provided to us by you may be disclosed to a third party according to normal commercial practice including but not limited to The Landlord, The Landlords lawyer or Mortagee, referees/next of kin you have nominated, organisations/tradespeople required to carry out maintenance to the premises, RTBA (rent bond authority) Residential Tenancy Tribunal/courts/statutory authorities, Collection Agents (where applicable) National Tenancy Database Pty Ltd (NTD) (ABN 65 079 105 025), other Real Estate Agents in the interests of openness and transparency between all parties.

Your personal information will be added to our database and may be used for the secondary purpose of providing you with further information about properties and services offered by Woodards. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is correct at all times.

To ascertain what personal information we have about you, or provide correct information, you can contact us in the following ways:-

03 9805 1111
03 9805 1199
[email protected]
By Mail:
Level 3 277 Camberwell Road Camberwell

To view our full privacy statement please refer to our website



  1. Woodards policy is that rental payments are made via * Direct Debit * excluding Oakleigh & Carnegie Offices
  2. All applicants must complete an application form and provide 100 points of ID.
  3. Bond payment must be made in the form of a bank cheque or money order made payable to RTBA (Residential Tenancies Bond Authority). Personal cheques or cash will not be accepted
  4. Initial Rent payment must be made in the form of a bank cheque or money order made payable to Woodards personal cheques or cash will not be accepted
  5. The applicant hereby agrees to a credit check being carried out via the National Tenancy Database (NTD). Applicants can access their personal information by contacting:-
    National Tenancy Database (NTD) or 1300 526 836
  6. The applicant acknowledges that the rented premises is a "smoke free zone" and will ensure they and their guests do not smoke inside the premises
  7. The applicant acknowledges that:

I have inspected the property and it is in a reasonably clean condition and in good repair as inspected. If this is not the case please indicate any items you would like attended to prior to your tenancy. Please note that these items are subject to the owner's approval
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